A Holy Quest

- Months pass, buildings are build, provinces are occupied (Daene…), a loremaster creates a shtload of power ley lines.
- The time of the Compass is nigh and The Heroes of Bravery are off again, this time with (all of their over 9000) assorted faithful.
- The trail leads east, through caves of spitting Ankheg, into a valley in Rhumannen (Ghoere). There rows upon rows of tents meet our brave heroes, each of its owner basking in the glory of Cuiraecen.
- It appears many have gotten the message from the Big C in the Sky; one shall have to prove him or herself worthy in the God of Battle’s divine eyes. So the first challenge meets our heroes; a mist filled with ghastly spirits. With deadly one on one duels and many a wounds, they are finally overcome. But treachery lurks behind the mists watery vapors.. An ASS-ASS-sin stabs the faithfull Dark cloak in our midst. Within an inch of his life, he survives, swearing revenge for this vile deed!


jor sanderarons

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