- A new year has begun
- Aubrae Avan and Dean Isilviere get married
- Meanwhile a convoy leaves with but little protection from vile Elves.. so our heroes follow them towards the lands of Taeghas. There they break off to briefly visit a Tourney of Strength and Prowess hosted by an infamous Cuiraecen Archpriest. Despite many a storms raging the lands and challenges issued, the men of Bravery still had to move on. For in the Sea Mist mountains was a vile evil threatening an Isilviere family member called FAIL.
- A battle follows with the deadly bloodhounds hunting all creatures of divinity in the seamist mountains. Filled with Righteous Wrath, the creatures are defeated. Yet this evening is not yet over! Beyond strange, beyond unimaginable stuff happens! Two electrical beings with life sucking powers appear whilst the two priests of Cuiraecen appear with the full power of divinity and manage to vanquish one of the electrical creatures. A strange compass is acquired, pointing towards the east.


jor sanderarons

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