Story so Far



  • There was a big ass Important Event (=Sword and Crown Event) hosted in Bindier
  • We saved Prince Avan’s daughter from what at first seemed a Boeruine troop attack but was in fact an Elven (Manslayer’s pplz) kidnapping, whom (may have) been under assignment by Aubrae Avan (daughter of Darian Avan) herself in a plot to discredit Boeruine (and/or the Manslayer).
  • Aubrae Avan later got married to Dean Isilviere.
  • The Cuiraecen faith has formed a united command structure; Fhylie the Sword is the Grandmaster, Linnias Baccaere was elected Swordmaster and Fjord Hilms Hersir was elected Spearmaster
  • Storms are brewing everywhere, pplz are dying of lightning, Priests are getting visions.


jor sanderarons

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