Essafah el-Hadid

Guilder of the Port of Call Exchange


Male Khinasi Rogue


One of the more notable guilders, el-Hadid is a Khinasi newcomer who has significant mercantile power in Southern Coast. A man of elegant dress, exquisite tastes, and unruly voraciousness, el-Hadid is the power behind nearly every mercantile enterprise in Ilien. The guild-lord can be polite and understanding one minute, a fierce cutthroat who would steal the purse off a dead man the next.

One thorn in el-Hadid’s side is his inability to dominate Ilien’s cattle trade. This is due mostly to the interference of the late Moeran Aglondier. Moeran discovered el-Hadid’s practices early on, but by then the Khinasi trader already had his hooks so deep into the Free City’s economy that bringing him down completely would have seriously disrupted trade in the domain. Instead, Moeran set about making sure he did not gain control of the cattle market, saving Ilien’s farmers from being cheated out of their own profits. Moeran then went one step further to help ensure true free trade in the city by appointing chancellors and other officials from the pool of merchants driven out of business by el-Hadid.

el-Hadid went missing ever since the shadow took over Illien.

Essafah el-Hadid

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