Arcane Trickster


Name: Evelynn
Race: Half-Elven female
Eyes/Skin: green, tanned
Hair: black
Height: 4’7"
Age: unknown
Levels: Rogue 3 Wizard 3 Arcane Trickster 4
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Bloodline: Bassaiia

Abilities: Str 8, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 20, Wis 8, Cha 8, Bld 24.
Fortitude: + 4
Reflex: + 6
Willpower: + 6

Base Attack Bonus: + 5
Hit Points:

Blood abilities:

  • Minor – Detect Illusions
  • Minor – Animal Affinity Eagles


  • * Master administrator
  • Practised spellcaster Wizard

Special Abilities:

  • Sneak Attack +4d6
  • Rogue Talent
  • Cantrips
  • Ranged Legerdemain
  • Impromptu Sneak Attack

Skills: +-

  • administrate 10 ranks
  • diplomacy 10
  • sense motive 10 ranks


  • -


  • Trade Route

Army Units:

  • -

‘You wake up laying on the forest floor with vast towering lumber pines around you rising up endlessly towards the sky. Although you remember nothing from before your awaking, there is a strange sense of familiarity of this place almost if you have been here before.
From above and with a loud shriek an eagle lands at your feet, it’s perculiar coloring in white and moss green being highly unusual. It shrieks another time and suddenly rushes in the full awareness of your surroundings as if a connection that was missing before, is suddenly made. With it comes a realization; this is your forest, your home. And yet there is this gnawing sensation of something missing, something that perhaps was once there but is not any longer!’

You have acquired an eagle pet, trained <insert name="true">

Weeks have passed and you have familiarized yourself with the land. Without much knowledge you flawlessly find food and shelter when needed. At times heaps of food are present when you wake as if some unseen guardian watches over you. Strenghtened and whole you move out further as time passes, mixing in with settlements and humans, but staying never long from the wilderness around you. Yet your blood calls, a sense of purpose that drives you. Thus slowly you establish yourself, dividing your time between the land and civilization. Being halved at your awakening, you are divided again as you live between the land and mankind. Turmoil roils inside you, but no relief is yet to be seen. You hold on, fighting until the time you will discover that what you have lost somehow! If only you knew where to start!


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