Siele Ghoried

Guilder of the Spider River Traders


Female Anuirean Rogue


Siele Ghoried is guildmaster of the Spider River Traders, a trading guild founded by her father that has come to control almost all logging and mining operations in northern Roesone. Three years ago, Siele made a masterful move and greatly expanded her influence into Aerenwe. Struggle with el-Hadid and Orthien Tane for control of business in Roesone has become of lower priority to Siele as she is fully focused on consolidating her gains in Aerenwe.

Siele is a good-hearted person who believes that her great wealth should be reinvested into the land. She believes in progress and construction for the good of the people of Roesone, as opposed to progress for profit’s sake. Her habit to avoid shady contacts and underhand business has put her at disadvantage in compared to her more ruthless rivals.

Siele Ghoried

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