Suris Enlien

Queen of Medoere, MIA




Early Childhood

Suris is the daughter of Dalien Enlien and Jadrien Bliene.

Suris Enlien was born under an auspicious day; a solar eclipse that appeared in Braeme. Dalien Enlien didn’t understand the significance of her birth. He was happy as a clam to have a daughter. As Suris grew up, Dalien had taken her around Anuire to see various kingdoms, including Tuornen. She received quite a multicultural education.

She knows some of the customs in Mhoried, Diemed, and Ilien. She visited some of the courts around Anuire, including that in Proudglaive, Roesone. However, at six, her mother was to give birth. Jadrien Bliene died of exhaustion at childbirth while delivering her brother Samuel Enlien. They had to use a Caesarian section to save Samuel, who didn’t turn around in the womb.

With her mother dead, Suris Enlien had taken the opportunity to become stronger. Dalien Enlien, her father, never really recovered from the death of his beloved Jadrien Bliene. She saw a change in her father, who became more somber and devoted to Haelyn after that. Soon, she found solace in her favorite uncle, Egris Enlien.

Where Dalien was distant from her as he continued to mourn Jadrien, Egris was warm and loving. This affected Suris’s view on Haelyn and her view on Ruornil. She saw Haelyn through her father’s actions. Finally, Suris saw Ruornil through her uncle’s actions and personality. From an early age, she felt drawn to Ruornil and was slipping away from Haelyn. She also had her cousin, James Enlien, as a playmate before he entered the Celestial Spell as a novice.

Suris Enlien is currently Missing in action. Mozes is keeping Medoere alive and kicking in her name.

Suris Enlien

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