Traese Noelon

Castellan of Blacktower Castle


Male Anuirean Noble / Fighter


The lead sergeant of Daen Roesone’s mercenary band was a fierce old warrior named Noelon the Hawk, famed as one of the most knowledgeable artillerists and siege engineers of his age. Roesone placed Noelon in charge of designing and building Blacktower Castle, and, despite his lack of education or experience, the old soldier created one of the strongest keeps of the Southern Coast. Roesone rewarded Noelon with a lordship and the office of castellan. Noelon’s grandson Traese still holds the position today.

Traese is an athletic man in his early forties, with little hair left above his ears. He is quiet and dignified, and rarely raises his voice. He is a competent warrior, commanding the baron’s personal guards while the baron is in Proudglaive, and vigilantly keeping the castle ready for an attack at all times.

During the reign of Teried Roesone, the castellan’s position grew in importance and scope; the baron entrusted the administration of the province of Caercas and the city of Proudglaive to the castellan. The lesser lords and squires of Caercas report to the baroness through the castellan, and Traese tolerates no foolishness or trivial requests. Consequently, he has earned the intense dislike of many of the nobles of Roesone’s court.

Traese Noelon

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