Amulet of the Jarl

An amulet worn by clanleaders of the Rjurik


This amulet provides the wearer with the following effects:

  • bonus to the wearer’s strength
  • an increase in fortitude
  • Aura of Courage (see paladin class)
  • Enables the use to shurg of small blows and regain health at an increased rate.
    The Amulet of the Jarl’s power increases as its wielder gains more experience.

This strange amulet made of an unknown material has been in the Hilms Hersir family for many generations. It is said to have been worn at the battle of mount Deismaar, when the progenitor of the family gained a powerful bloodline. It feels smooth to the touch and slightly warm at all times. When it comes into contact with anyone not of the Hilms Hersir family, it numbs the senses. More of such amulets tied to blooded families exist, each endows it wearer with more powerful effects over time.

Amulet of the Jarl

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