Crown of the Pirate King


The Crown normally works like a Helmet of Health but while worn by a pirate leader it grants extra magical abilities which improve while the wearer gains more experience.

  • +1 Con
  • Toughness Feat
  • Immune to Disease
  • Fly 1/day
  • Spell Immunity 1 spell, 1/day
  • Bear’s Endurance 1/day
  • +2 Natural Armor
  • 1/day ignore all damage dealt vs DC 10 + half damage dealt, or DC 20 for instant kill ( incase of instant kill: Death Ward until next intiative )

The Crown of the Pirate King is one of three magicical artifacts once worn by the legendary pirate named Igor Mickaelovenski over 3000 years ago.

Crown of the Pirate King

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