Fall of Darkness

weapon (melee)

Fall of Darkness (Long sword)


Longsword +1, spell storing
lvl 8: Ghost touch, ignore miss chance in darkness and shadows
Lvl 9: Bonus feat: weapon specialization long sword (or +2 damage if the wielder already has this feat(superior specialization))
SR 10 (aantal HD in ronden per dag, activate as swift action)
1/day Storm shield (as fire shield maar voor electricity of fire)


This longsword was crafted by a high priest of Ruornil and a Dwarven mastersmith. They cooperated on this project so that each layer of metal was blessed and imbued with special properties, crafted in the finest manner. This was done some 300 years ago. The blade was made for the champion, Hellas Searingstar, who took it upon himself to rid Anuire of the Abominations that plagued it. In his hands this blade decapitated over a dozen Awnsheghlien, until Hellas was betrayed by one of his closest allies, who cooperated with an abomination called “The shadow”. What happened to the sword after that remains unknown. Skjald Hilms Hersir found this sword when he defeated a creature of darkness called “The Jackal”.

Fall of Darkness

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