Harp of Prosperity

An epic artifact of good tidings once worn by The Paladin.

musical instrument

When situated in any province for an extended period of time, this Harp will bring blessings upon the province and joy to its population. Effects:

  • Province is considered blessed at all times.
  • Province loyalty set to helpful at all times.

Once owned by the Ensweghlien known as The Paladin, the Harp of Prosperity was long thought lost. In the year 371 MR, it suddenly resurfaced in the hands of Jarl Fjord Hilms Hersir, Commander of the Storm Order.
374 MR: “By decree Fjord Hilms Hersir has made it known that the Harp of Prosperity shall be returned to its rightful owners, The complete Imperial Temple, as soon as they present themselves. Jarl Fjord Hilms Hersir further proclaimed that he himself, at that time, will hand the Harp of Prosperity to the leader of the united Imperial temple, as to mark a return to the glorious days of the empire and the special commitment of Haelyn’s Herald and Champions, the faith of Cuiraecen, to the United Imperial Temple." It is not known where or how the Jarl retrieved the item.

Harp of Prosperity

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