Rod of the Rightful Ruler

An ancient Medoerian artifact aiding blooded rulers in governing


Rod of the Rightful Ruler

This 20 inch long scepter is made of a special alloy of dark adamantine and silver mithril. Extensive decorations with rubies, emeralds and diamonds as well as cryptic engravings combine to show the absolute perfection of this scepter. When held in the dark, the Rod of the Rightfull Ruler glows with an inner light While exposed to light the scepter seems to faintly absorb the surrounding light in a dark glow.

- Permanent protection from evil 10feet radius

- Wwhile openly worn and used a bonus of +2 charisma, +5 bloodline score

- While openly worn and used provides a bonus on domain actions: +2 on agitate, +2 diplomacy, +2 contest holding, +2 rule holding actions

- While openly worn and used +1 GB, +2 RP income per domain turn

- 3/day aid (CL = HD user)

- Summon Divine Army 1/day


Known in Anuire as an important royal artifact passed down between generations of Medoerian kings and queens, only three people currently know the truth about the Rod of the Rightful Ruler. For in fact, this powerful artifact was recently uncovered by a small band of influential rulers from Roesone. Apparently earthquakes in the deep swamps of Edlin had uncovered an ancient temple which held the rod. Although having initially decided to leave the scepter in its protected holding area, one amongst the band secretly returned later to retrieve the rod. A cleric amongst the band, Mozes, later decided leaving the artifact in the uncovered temple was unsafe. Possible extraction might be undertaken by either outsiders or those among the group who could later return to steal it. In both arrogance and providence, he decided to secretly steal artifact against explicit agreements and keep it safe himself. The irony of stealing an artifact to prevent its theft has since amused the old Dwarf greatly. Upon returning wrecked temple sometime later, Mozes found that several other important pieces had been removed from the temple, amongst them The Sword of Nesirie. Mozes currently sees this as confirmation of his right to have stolen the Rod before others could. Although his conscience still has Mozes seeking ways to ‘make good’ his betrayal. It wasn’t until several months later that the former queen of Medoere; Suries Enlien, proclaimed the artifact as a heirloom of the Royal Medoerian line, forcing Mozes to privatize its use and forgoing any plans to periodically share it amongst the original members of the first survey.

Rod of the Rightful Ruler

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