The Silver Halo

Band of Vast Intelligence +4


A hefty silver crown of apparant simple, sturdy Dwarven making. Futher study reveals the item is covered by intricate designs carved into it. These depict various symbols of knowledge, the God of knowledge; Ruornil, as well as unknown arcane glyphs of Dwarven origin. A single majestic crystal is inlaid into the front of The Silver Halo. The entire crown glows a very soft white light when moonlight strikes it, lending it its name.

This headband of Vast Intelligence +4 provides:
  • A +4 enhancement bonus to intelligence.
  • ‘Virtual’ skill ranks in both administrate and bluff equal to the HD of the user.

The Silver Halo was created by the Dwarven Prophet of Ruornil; Mozes, in 550 MR. In response to his expansion of holdings and steady path towards rulership of Medoere, he sought to augment his rulership abilities by arcane means. Many months of study in the halls of his Research Foundation as well as gathering the expensive and rare arcane components were required before construction. After having finally crafted the crown himself, he spend weeks alone in his chambers, pouring arcane energies into the metal and preserving them by the carvings. Although in it’s core of sturdy Dwarven design, the construction of the crown has been heavily influenced by human crown-fashion of Southern Anuire. References to Ruornil are abound and use of the item in the moonlight gives an appearance of a divine halo around one’s head, often mystifying its user among less knowledgeable people. Mozes himself has been known to refer to the item as ‘The Governator’.

The Silver Halo

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