Skjald Hilms Hersir


Name: Skjald Hilms Hersir

Race: Rjurik Male

Eyes/skin: Blue, Caucasian

Hair: Blond

Height: 6’7"

Age: 24

Classes: Cleric 5, Stormlords Chosen 4

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Cuiraécen


Str 14 2
Dex 12 +1
Con 14 +2
Int 12 +1
Wis 18 +4
Cha 10 +0
Bld 16 +0

Hitpoints: 8d8 +41 = 85

AC: 23 (full plate + heavy steel
1 shield + dex)

Initiative: +1 (dex)


Fortitude +15 (7 base/2 ability /4 feats /1 racial/1 bonus bloodline)

Reflex +3 (2 base / 1 ability)

Will +12 (7 base/ 4 ability/ 1 bloodline)

Blood Abilities:



Hardiness (1st level)

Weapon Focus ( Longsword )


Great Fortitude


Combat casting

Special abilities:

Channel energy

Electricity resistence 10

Enhanced short spears +1

Shock weapon

Storm walk

Skills (ranks)

Administrate 6

Diplomacy 9

Knowledge (religion) 5

Lead 5

Ride 1

Sense motive 1

Spellcraft 8

Swim 1

Warcraft 5

Adventuring equipment: (temporary)


Fall of Darkness

masterwork short spear 3x

full plate

heavy steel shield

Blanket, winter



Skjald Hilms Hersir was born in the Rjurik Highlands of Nalhorkse. Raised in the city of Viborg as an only child, his father spent a lot of time with him, teaching the art of warfare and combat. His father, Rogan Hilms Hersir, was a weapon smith and a mighty warrior of the North. Feared by many for his prowess in battle, his knowledge is regarded in the highest esteem en many of Skjald’s friends are jealous of him. . Reaching puberty and becoming a man himself Skjald grew more and more tired of the Rjuven ways. He disliked the constant travelling to prepare for the seasons and especially the strong familial bonds. Skjald started appreciating the traits and characteristics of individuals and grew more and more in love with the idea that every man should become what he wants to do, not with what their family expects them to become.
Having encountered many tribal fights and wars during his early childhood, Skjald had started to become familiar with some weapons very early on in his life. His father had created many axes and spears of course, but also some more exotic weapons such as crossbows and even a few mighty composite longsbows. But all these weapons became insignificant the day when he found his first longsword.
Two bandits were assaulting a few people. When Skjald came closer he noticed it was one wagon. The driver had already had his throat slid and now the two men were trying to rape what seemed to be a noble women. Skjald was spectating on top of a bridge and looking straight down at the proceedings. Appalled by the act of the bandits Skjald felt he had to interfere. He grabbed a large rock and dropped it down from where he stood on the bridge. It hit one of the bandits on the shoulder and the man fell down to the ground moaning. The other man was surprised and looked up to see what was going on. Skjald was already on his way down, a club in his hand ready to face the low life. A very short fight made an end of the bandit’s life. Skjald dodged his first blow and immediately made a counter attack, knocking the man unconscious. Taking no risk Skjald charged to the other man and hit him on the head making sure he would not move again. The noble woman, who turned out to be lady Daena Avan, thanked Skjald for his bravery and decisiveness. She offered him a longsword named Courage. A master piece given by one of the Diemed nobles as tribute to the regent. Time passed and using his father’s knowledge of warfare, Skjald became a captain in the army of Viborg. However, as a captain he missed an inner cause, a motive for fighting.
When he met Daegon Highheart all that changed. Daegon was captured by Skjald’s unit when he attacked the city under the banner of Dhoesone. The Northerlings were underestimated and managed to fight back and oppose the Dhoesonian invasion. Daegon, a cleric of Cuiraécen, managed to get a conversation with Skjald to negotiate the release of the Dhoesone troops. That conversation changed Skjald’s life forever. Daegon immediately seized the opportunity when he saw it. He saw a leader without a goal. It would become his goal to give this leader a goal that furthers his own.
Since then Skjald took up the faith of Cuiraécen and it wasn’t before long that he managed to get a group of followers within the church. He took it upon himself to end the wars between Dhoesone and the Highlands. Quite successful, Skjald became known as a local hero.
A few years later Rogan was on his way to see Skjald’s church. On the way there he was killed by a creature known as “The Jackal”. Skjald’s fury was of a size unknown to the world and he swore to avenge his father. He tracked down The Jackal to its lair and charged down on him. With the divine aid of the Stormlord himself Skjald decapitated the awnsheghlien and since that day devoted his life to rid Anuire of the abominations that plague it.
His quests took him to the south of Anuire until he finally decided his goal would be achieved more efficiently when organized. He took control of some of the churches in Avanil and from there expanded his domain.

Skjald Hilms Hersir

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